Hi, I'm Scott Baptie

Nutritionist and weight loss coach who helps busy people to lose weight by creating and sharing simple, easy-to-follow, family friendly, tasty recipes. I like banter, butteries and labradoodles.



My mantra is to help people make simple changes to their lifestyle that will produce the greatest results without the need for punishing fitness regimes, diets, detoxes or disgusting kale and chia seed smoothies. I have an MSc in Applied Sports Nutrition, have written a best-selling book on Amazon, sold more than 50k recipe ebooks and contributed to a wide range of publications including Men’s Health, Metro, The Sun, AskMen, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, The Irish Times and 
Men’s Fitness. 


My entry into the fitness world started out with a blog called 'Lean Files'. I was working in an office at the time but set myself the challenge of getting very lean and into the best shape possible. One thing led to another and as my interest in exercise and nutrition developed I was fortunate to some professional fitness modelling and made appearances in Men's Fitness Magazine, Men's Running, Muscle & Fitness and several others.


The next step chapter saw the birth of Food For Fitness. Initially a blog where I posted workouts and recipes, it became my full time nutrition and fitness coaching business in 2012. Our company works with people of all different shapes, sizes, abilities who want realistic, easy to follow, evidience-based nutrition advice. We've helped 1000s of people, all over the word transform their physiques and eating habits. Our website which features a range of tasty recipes and fitness articles is visited by by more than 100k people every month.


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101 Ways To Lose Weight & Never Find It Again

The book for everyone who is sick of restricting, dieting, detoxing and confusing weight-loss advice

101 Ways to Lose Weight and Never Find It Again debunks all of the fat-loss myths and includes encouraging, scientifically proven ways to make small changes to your lifestyle for long-term health and sustainable weight loss. Here are just a few of the things you're going to learn in this book:
  • How to eat ANY food like ice-cream, bread, pasta and chocolate and still lose weight
  • ​Why detoxing, cleansing, rebooting and juicing are a load of garbage
  • ​Why everything you know about when to eat is probably wrong
  • ​The secret two words that are essential for fat loss
  • ​Why you can have your cake and eat it, plus lots more

The High Protein Handbooks

Easy, high protein, family friendly recipes for people who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen!

  • Delicious recipes like Slow Cooker Peanut Chicken, Mexican Lasagne, Brazilian Coconut Curry and Chicken Balti
  • ​Full nutrition information for each recipe including calories, carbohydrate, fat and protein
  • ​A varied mix of chicken, fish, pork, beef, turkey and venison recipes
  • ​A barcode on every recipe so you can scan the meal into your food diary
  • ​Trusted and used by more than 50,000 people


The Program Trusted By 1000's Of Challengers To Burn Fat, Get Fit, Boost Confidence, Look & Feel Amazing....All While Eating Delicious Recipes!


Brand Partnerships

If you have a fantastic, genuine, healthy product that aligns with my message and values then let's chat about getting it in front of my audience.

I only work with a handful of brands each year and I am very selective with who I work with. If it's some 'detoxing, fat blasting, cleansing, cellulite eliminating' hokum then let's not go any further...

Past partners have been brands in the food industry and campaign typically involves a series of custom made recipe videos or product endorsing posts on social media.

Get in touch if you'd like to chat more about how we can team up and create something great (and tasty).

Corporate Events

If you'd like me to come to your office or gym for the day to run a fitness and nutrition event, I'm your man!

These aren't like your typical boring 'health days' where employees get their blood pressure taken and a cholesterol reading that they'll forget about. Instead, we'll create a day that they'll remember, learn from and reap the benefits right away.

A visit from me will typically include a talk followed by employees meeting with me for personal consultations to help them with any aspect of their nutrition and fitness.

Past clients include EY, Shell, Schlumberger, Spirit Energy, Apache, Brodies LLP and many other leading organisations. 
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Who is Scott Baptie?

Scott Baptie is a nutritionist and weight loss coach who helps busy people to lose weight by creating and sharing simple, easy-to-follow, family friendly, tasty recipes.

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